“Quote of the Day”
I'm Selfish, Impatient And A Little Insecure. I Make Mistakes, I Am Out Of Control And At Times Hard To Handle. But If You Can't Handle Me At My Worst, Then You Sure As Hell Don't Deserve Me At My Best.

By - Marilyn Monroe

Popular Jokes
Sare Pagal Ro Rahe Te
Hospital Me Sare Pagal Ro Rahe Te
1 Pagal Chupchup Soya Tha.
Doctor N Pucha-tum Q Shanti Se Soye Ho?
Mai Mar Chukahu Isliye To Sab Ro Rhe Hai..

पत्नी : आप बहुत भोले हैं। आपको कोई भी आसानी से फंसा देता है।
पति : हां, शुरुआत तुम्हारे पापा ने की।

Pati Aur Patni Ki Ladai
Pati Aur Patni Ki
Ladai Ke Baad
Patni : Hey Bhagwan
Agar “Yeh Galat Hai
toh Inhe Utha Lo
“Mein Galat Hu Toh.
Mujhe Vidwa

Ek Bus Accident Hua
Ek Bus Accident Hua.
A Man Crying Hey Bhagwan Mera Haathtoot
Pappu:- Control Urself,
abe Uss Aadmi Ko Dekho,
wo Mar Gaya Fir Bhi Chup-chap Leta

Fed Up Frm Our Daily Fights
♥Gf- M Just Too Fed Up Frm Our Daily Fights I Jst Wanna Breakup Wid U . Bf-ok Bt First Take Dis Chocolate . Gf-awwww So U Dnt Want Me To Go, Mana Rhe Ho Mujhe Choclate Deke :) . Bf-nahi Meri Maa Kehti Hai Kuch Shubh Kaam Krne Se Pehle Muh Meetha Krlena ChaHiYe ;) :D :P

Latest SMS
On This Joyous Time
On This Joyous Time,
Let’s Remember Fond Memories
And Look Forward To Great Things To Come.
May Your Life Be Filled Evermore With Good Cheer,
Hope, Prosperity And Virtue.
Wishing You And Your Loved Ones
A Very Happy Diwali!

Behold Each Shining Lamp
Behold Each Shining Lamp
That You See Today,
And Each Sparkling Light In The Sky.
As These Fill Your Eyes With Cheer,
May They Make Your Heart Overflow
With Joy And Contentment.
Heartfelt Wishes For You And All Your Loved Ones!

Happy Diwali

I Wish You Achievements
I Wish You Achievements
As Numerous As The Stars,
Gladness As Enduring As The Mountains,
And Worries As Light As A Feather.
May The Fulfillment Of Your Dreams
Be As Glorious And Vibrant
And As A Perfect Sunrise!

Happy Deepavali!