“Quote of the Day”
I'm Selfish, Impatient And A Little Insecure. I Make Mistakes, I Am Out Of Control And At Times Hard To Handle. But If You Can't Handle Me At My Worst, Then You Sure As Hell Don't Deserve Me At My Best.

By - Marilyn Monroe

Popular Jokes
Off To UK Vacation
G1- Off To UK Vacation Miss You All.
G2- Wow Babes.
G2- Kya Baat Hai Didi...?
G1- Pagli Uttarakhand Jaa Rahi Hoon Yatra Pe Maa-Baapu Ke Saath.

Cid Ne Sony Se Naata Jod Liya
Cid Ne Sony Se Naata Jod
Cid Ne Sony Se Naata Jod
Jis Room Me Mana Raha,
tha Abivjit Suhagraat,
Daya Ne Uska Darwaza
v Tod Diya..

Ajib Animal Ke Bare Me
Dosto,aaj Hum 1
ajib Animal Ke Bare Me Padhenge..
*Is Jiv Ka Naam He..

*Yeh Aksar College Me Payi Jati Hai.
*Inka Poustik Aahar He Boyfriend Ka BHEJA.
*Inhe Aksar Naraz Hone Ka NATAK Karte Hue Dekha Jata Hai.
*Is Animal Ka Sabse Khatarnak Hathiyar He RONA Or Emotionally Blackmail Karna.

Mujhe Nind Nhi Aa Rahi Hai
Husband- Mujhe Nind Nhi Aa Rahi Hai!! 
Wife- Jao Aur Kitchen Ka Sara Bartan Saaf Kar Do!
Husband - Arey Pagli!!! Main Neend Mein Bol Raha Hun!

Abu Plz Mje 5 Rupees Dedo
Bacha: Abu Plz Mje 5 Rupees Dedo.
Baap: Beta Mre Pas To Khule Nhi Hy
tu Apni Ammi Se
Bacha: Ami Plz Mje 5rp Dedo..
Ammii: Beta Mre Pas To Khule Nhi Hy
tu Apne Mamu
se Lele
Bacha: Mamu Plz Mje 5rupy Dedo
Mamu: Beta Mre Pas To Khule Nhi Hy
tu Apni Mami
se Lele
Bcha: Mami Plz Mje 5rp Dedo
Mami: Beta Mre Pas To Khule Nhi Hy
tu Apne Chacha Se Lele
Bcha: Chacha 5rp Hy?
Chacha: Ha Hy Beta Du Kya?
Bcha: Nhi Apni Kabar Me Lay Jana
icecream Wala
chala Gya Ab :-P

Latest SMS
On This Joyous Time
On This Joyous Time,
Letís Remember Fond Memories
And Look Forward To Great Things To Come.
May Your Life Be Filled Evermore With Good Cheer,
Hope, Prosperity And Virtue.
Wishing You And Your Loved Ones
A Very Happy Diwali!

Behold Each Shining Lamp
Behold Each Shining Lamp
That You See Today,
And Each Sparkling Light In The Sky.
As These Fill Your Eyes With Cheer,
May They Make Your Heart Overflow
With Joy And Contentment.
Heartfelt Wishes For You And All Your Loved Ones!

Happy Diwali

I Wish You Achievements
I Wish You Achievements
As Numerous As The Stars,
Gladness As Enduring As The Mountains,
And Worries As Light As A Feather.
May The Fulfillment Of Your Dreams
Be As Glorious And Vibrant
And As A Perfect Sunrise!

Happy Deepavali!